"We are blessed by KNDR christian radio...Thank you for serving Christ!" - New Salem, ND


"I am so grateful for your morning programs!  Thank you!" - Bismarck, ND


"May the Lord bless the ministry of KNDR. We are very thankful for our local Christian radio station! - New Salem, ND


"Recently, I came into some extra money, so I would like to share some with you for the great work you do of spreading the Word of our Lord Jesus." - Golden Valley, ND


"Dear KNDR Radio: Thank you so very much for choosing Freedom Fellowship to be your local ministry partner for the 2013 Share-a-thon.  We were honored that you would want to partner with us in reaching those in our area for Jesus.  The funds that were given to us will be put to good use in ministry efforts.

Thank you also for continuing to be an encouragement for those people needing to hear the Word of God in rural areas.  The music and teaching is a lifeline for many of the people living far away from places of fellowhsip, or for those that do not have the ability to travel somewhere.  We appreciate all that you do!

May you be greatly blessed in the new year!" - McLaughlin, SD


"Praying for continued outreach by your ministry. Thank you so much for the good teaching programs." - Elgin, ND


"I really enjoy listening to KNDR!  Thank you for making it so easy to donate.  Next year I hope to increase my donation.  Happy Thanksgiving." - Moffit, ND


"Your radio station is Heaven sent for our community.  Thank you for keeping all the churches in touch with each other!" - New Salem, ND


"Blessings!  Thank you for putting the Word of God out there daily!  Your station has blessed me greatly from year to year!  I am very thankful to be a faithful listener to such an excellent Christian radio broadcast! Well done faithful servants of God!! - Eagle Butte, SD


"I would just like to thank KNDR and its staff for your radio ministry especially during the Sharathon. Fifteen years ago I was driving to work early one morning. I turned on the radio and found KNDR. The song "Sweet Peace of God" by Cheri Keaggy was playing. It touched my heart and I rededicated my life to Christ and KNDR has been an important part of helping me walk day by day with the Lord. It has been an amazing journey as I have truly found the joy and peace I was longing for. This am I pray for God's continued blessings on the ministry of KNDR." - Bismarck, ND


"Dear friends at KNDR, thank you for your prayers for me and my family.  God bless you all!" - Bismarck, ND


"KNDR - I would never want to miss a day of your programs, music, announcers and uplift!  Love in Christ." - Mandan, ND


"Yours is a wonderful ministry & a voice that speaks to my heart.  Thank you." - Mandan, ND


"I thank the Lord for the blessing of KNDR - especially your music.  I haven't been able to support this ministry for a while, but I'm back, Praise God! Keep smiling and depending on Him!" - Napoleon, ND


"We missed you - glad you are back!!!" - Tuttle, ND


"I'm sending this check because the Lord has layed it on my heart to do so. I missed your station SO MUCH when the tower work was being done and thought "what if the station never was able to come back?!" I know this isn't happening, but like the old saying - you don't know what ya got till it's gone - comes to mind.  I wish this check could be 100 times more - but God can do wonderous thing when we give from the heart!  May God continue to bless the work of your station!" - Lincoln, ND


"Just turned my radio on and KNDR is on loud and clear! Praise Jesus! Thanks for the encouragement you are through music and programming. May you continue to be a light on a hill shining for Jesus.  Peace, love and joy to all as you serve Him." - Bismarck, ND


"I can't begin to tell you how excited I was to finally wake up to KNDR after almost a month of static! Praise God that you are back to full strength!" - Eagle Butte, SD


"I just want to say how much I enjoyed the music this a.m. I really like that recording of Rascal Flatts singing "Changed"... At the top of this hour you played "Light the Fire Again" by Brian Doerkson, and that also speaks to my heart. I am happy you are at 80% and will pray for the remaining 20%!" - Bismarck, ND


"Just wanted to say how much I'm enjoying listening to you-all on the air, via my computer. Thanks for providing this avenue. One thing about having your transmitter at low power has been good. It has made me appreciate those days when I can just turn on the radio in my house and hear your happy voices and all the good music you play! Still praying for good weather so you can get back to full power." - Bismarck, ND


"Thank you for your continued steadfastness to the vision and heart that God gave...to KNDR. We so need the reminder that America is a Christian nation with a mission for the lost and displaced. I pray for you daily, with thanksgiving and love. All for Jesus!" - Little Canada, MN


"Your station plays such a vital role in this community, to all ages. Nothing thrills me more than when I hear people are listening to you. They will be saved or will continue to grow for the glory of God. God bless you and the wonderful work you all do." - Bismarck, ND


"Thank you for what you do everyday. You folks have made a profound change in our family's lives by the programming that you provide. God bless you and keep up the good work." - Bismarck, ND


"I just wanted to briefly thank you for your support of the event. The coverage you gave us was amazing, and I am really excited about partnering with you in the future..." - Sioux Falls, SD


"Just wanted to say 'thank you' for the great publicity for our adoption event... We had 60 people attend. The most exciting part for us was that about 75% of them stated that they were there because they were feeling like God may be calling them to it. God is moving and we are so excited to go to work for Him. I personally talked to three couples (I’m sure there were a ton more I didn’t get to!) who heard about it on KNDR, so THANK YOU."  - Bismarck, ND


“I really miss the (KNDR) programming and family we have left behind. Your impact has been life-changing and I thank God for your influence daily. We are doing well and want to continue being involved in your ministry.” – Big Timber, MT

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